Talking about postpartum incontinence, Fun Right?!


Redondo Beach 10KAs this new year begins, instead of focusing on specific workouts, I want to focus on a topic that is very real and embarrassing to many moms. As you can guess running should not make you “pee” your pants.  Postpartum Incontinence or the uncontrollable loss of urine occurs in a reported 50% of all women. Within this percentage many are new mothers or pregnant women. This number is most likely higher but it’s an embarrassing condition to talk about so many choose to live in silence. The good news is there are great exercises that focus on the muscles of the pelvic floor which will help remedy this situation and keep women from having to change pants after sneezing, laughing, coughing (or running).

 I choose to write about incontinence today as I am training for my traditional running in the  Annual Redondo Beach 10K on Super Bowl Sunday with my family. It will be my 15th running since the birth of my 1st child.  Many moms I work with are terrified of running post baby, not just worried they cannot achieve the miles but that they will end up with a big wet mark between their legs while running amongst hundreds of other people. 2007 10K Redondo Beach Buggy runThis is a normal reaction but a PREVENTABLE issue. Yes I said PREVENTABLE in all caps!!! How, you ask? Please read on to see my top exercises to prevent incontinence. These exercises can be performed carefully as early as 6-8 weeks after delivery. I again would try the easier lying exercises first and work up to the more intense. Ideally 2 sets of each exercise is the goal but you may start slowly with less repetitions and one set of each. Listen to your body!

I want to preface that “impact “ exercises like running are not recommended the first few months postpartum and potentially longer if the mother is nursing. The new nursing mother is still producing the hormone “Relaxin” for many months after giving birth and this hormone affects range of motion women experience with their joints. It is easier to “hyperextend joints” post pregnancy when this hormone is present. Also jumping and running puts a lot of pressure on the muscles of the pelvic floor that makes the tissue weaker and more susceptible to leaky bladders. So before jumping into a program that includes any kind of running or jumping, I recommend starting first with exercises that will strengthen the pelvic floor and core muscles.  I incorporate pelvic floor strengthening exercises in all Coremom classes.

Here are some non-traditional exercises that will help get you “impact ready” and keep your pants dry!

  1. Squats with side bends,  (repeat 20 times)

  2. Side lunge with low reach repeat 10 on each leg

  3. Walk out planks w/runners lunge twist repeat 10 times

  4. Plank with jumping Jacks repeat 15 times

  5. One legged bridging repeat on each leg 10 times

**Whole sequence #1-5 again


2016 Redondo Beach 10K

I love helping moms to get back to the activities they did prior to pregnancy or introduce them to more challenging types of exercise after their baby is born. I did not complete my first 10K until after my first child was born over 15 years ago and I waited until she was 6 months and I felt strong enough to run the distance.  With just a little help we can get you feeling healthy, happy and running to the finish line.

If you have any questions about these exercises or any other mommy questions, please reach out to  me directly at Happy dry running and I’ll see you at Seaside Lagoon after the race.

Coremom adding Mommy Baby Classes in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach



In 2018 I will be adding mommy baby classes at Adventure Plex and BCHD Center for Health and Healing and will of course still be available at Bionic Body.

Adventure Plex Mommy Baby Classes
Adventure Plex – Coremom Classes
Center For Health and Fitness - Coremom Classes
Center For Health and Fitness – Coremom Classes

A little over 15 years ago when Lilly was just two months old and I was on maternity leave debating about returning to Sports Club LA to work full time, I received a call from a now wonderful mommy friend of mine Susanna Lutton who worked for Beach Cities Health District. One of her many job responsibilities is she taught a mommy baby exercise class once a week. She brought me in one day and asked if I would take over her class while she was on maternity leave. Although I had plenty of experience training pregnant and new moms I had never taught a class with moms and their babies. I was excited and nervous about the opportunity but I went ahead and began teaching the class. It was an amazing experience and I ended up taking over the class permanently for years even through my next baby. I met so many amazing women who took that class and are still friends, Venita, Laetitia, Marcella, Megan, Nicole. This class also gave me a segway into the small groups of moms I would train at the park. Choosing this path in my career gave me the biggest gift of still working in the fitness industry and being a stay at home mom. Though it was of course challenging at times, I was able to take my babies to work and not worry about child care. I also understand the necessity for a fitness program that brings women together as a “support system” especially in this transitional time of their life where they can experience safe, effective exercise programming for women to “heal” from pregnancy and childbirth and return to their “pre-pregnant selves”. I am very blessed with my path and so exited to return to my “roots” by partnering with the amazing Beach Cities Health. Beginning January 8th you will find my program for moms “Core Mom” available an additional 8 classes a week at Center for Health and Fitness – Beach Cities Gym & Adventure Plex. Here are the “official flyers” released yesterday. This is the beginning of the exciting news coming in 2018, please stay tuned!

Lunch with Kim Lyons

Bionic Mommy and Bionic Body
Danielle Spangler and Kim Lyons

I recently sat down with Kim Lyons the owner and creator of the Bionic Body program. Kim is also a former IFBB Fitness competitor and trainer on NBC’s hit show “The Biggest Loser”. She is a published author, fitness motivator, well-known celebrity trainer and mother to a 7-year old son. I had the fortune of meeting Kim in April of 2015 and told her about my experience working with pregnant and new mothers.  I explained what would become the ‘Coremom‘ fitness program that I had created specifically for moms. Kim loved the concept and recognized a lack of exercise programming for pregnant clients and new mothers especially in the Beach Cities area of Los Angeles. We decided to introduce “Bionic Mommy” as a program geared towards new mothers and pregnant women to the Bionic Body family in June 2015. I wanted to find out about  Kim’s pregnancy workout routine and what worked for her and also to see how the Coremom program has affected the Bionic Body brand since including it into her gym.


Q: How did your exercise routine change once you became pregnant?

Kim: I’ve been exercising and studying as a trainer for over 18 years so I was very comfortable working out when I was pregnant and postnatal. I had to modify so many exercises when I was pregnant and give myself time to return to many exercises after childbirth. I did most of my core work standing up and had to listen to my body closely so I didn’t over do it. I felt so blessed to have the knowledge and understanding on how to modify the exercises that needed a simple change and knowing what exercises needed to be avoided.


Q: When you were pregnant what kind of workouts did you do?

Kim: I did a lot of resistance training when I was pregnant and continued all my normal activity, although it was much slower. I was extremely tired the first trimester, but felt great the last two.


Q: Did you find there was a lack of exercise programs that were simultaneously challenging and safe for you?

Kim: I would have loved a group class that was something other than prenatal yoga or just walking with a stroller group postnatal, but really didn’t find anything at all. There are so many trainers that are “pre and postnatal” certified, but very few truly specialize in that area. It’s so important to have a program built for the special circumstances that can arise when you are pregnant or recovering from childbirth.


Q: As a new mother, did you find challenges with finding time to exercise, even though it is a big part of your life?

Kim: I really expected everything for me to be “easy” post child-birth. It wasn’t! I couldn’t believe how week my pelvic core was and it really took time, knowledge and research to repair it. I had pretty bad diastasis and I had to learn how to work to improve that and not make it worse. Taking the time to do that was a bit frustrating and it was hard to be patient with myself! I was blessed with a baby that slept really well from day one so I was able to maintain my nighttime sleep schedule. I had really good energy and when he napped I worked out or had him in the stroller and I was on the go, up and down hills. The key is to get them on your routine and not for the to rule your routine!


Q: How did you decide to incorporate Coremom “Bionic Mommy” into the Bionic Body family?

Kim: When I met Danielle, it was a no brainer! Her passion and knowledge for training pre and postnatal women was one in a million. Pre and postnatal fitness is critical for your and your babies health, yet there are so few good programs for mommies and mommies to be. I love everything about the Bionic Mommy program, it’s one in a million!


Q: Since the inclusion of Bionic Mommy, have you seen an increase in membership at your gym?

Kim: It’s been amazing to see all the new moms in the gym. It’s also amazing to watch our clients that didn’t have kids transition into the Bionic Mommy program as they go through their pregnancy. Most people have to quit the gym and come back when their babies and 6 months old or get a sitter. At Bionic Body, we are there for the entire transition.


Q: How has Bionic Mommy helped the Bionic Body Brand?

Kim: Pre and postnatal fitness is something you don’t see in every gym. When I built Bionic Body, my vision was to embrace all disciplines of fitness including everything from circuit training to yoga, barre and pilates. Adding Bionic Mommy really completes the full spectrum, we truly offer everything for all ages and levels of fitness.


Q: What kind of benefits can pregnant women and mothers expect to see from joining the Bionic Mommy classes?

Kim: When you come to the Bionic Mommy Classes, you know you and your baby are in good hands. It’s important to understand what is going on with your body and to have peace of mind that you are doing what’s best for you and your baby. At Bionic Body, you don’t just go through the movements, you learn while you have fun and connect with other moms.


Q: What are some things you would like to tell potential members about the Bionic Mommy program that will encourage them to try it?

Kim: Being pregnant is an emotional rollercoaster! It’s can be scary and exciting at the same time. At Bionic Body, you’ll be surrounded by other moms just like you. Moms that won’t give you stink eye if your little one is fussy or if you need to step out to feed your baby. It’s pretty much the only place that everyone in the room can has “been there” on your bad days and can lend a helping hand!

Kim: As a new mom, you spend an incredible amount of time taking care of your little one, and truthfully, you are the most important one to take care of. It all comes back to putting your “oxygen mask on first”-not because you are selfish, but because it’s critical for you to be in your best health for your family.


Thanks Kim, Cheers! 

For a complete schedule of Bionic Body and Bionic Mommy classes please visit



Danielle Spangler and Kim Lyons


Stay focused on the Gratitude

Pregnancy Danielle

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I would like to focus on “gratitude” this week. Gratitude is something I do not take lightly. We all have our struggles but it’s within those struggles that our “achievements” begin to shine brightly. As a mom I quietly express gratitude every day to myself. I know I am “grateful” every day for the three kids I have (at least most days). I am also eternally grateful that these three people seem to be happy and well adjusted, (until I find out later through therapy how I screwed them up). But, in all honesty, I am grateful they are healthy, kind, smart people. This is something I try not to take for granted.

I would like to share my first pregnancy and birth story. Even though it was not the picturesque pregnancy and delivery one thinks about, the ending was happy and the experience made me a mother to which I am forever grateful. I also want women to know that pregnancy and delivery has it’s challenges and it’s important to focus on the positive parts. It’s important for women to understand that they are not alone in their experiences and that even though its hard not to compare your experiences to others, it’s important to stay focused on the gratitude.

My first pregnancy came when I was 29 years old. Having my own babies was not on my mind but something I thought would happen in the distant future. I unexpectedly became pregnant by my then live-in boyfriend (now husband of 16 years). A trip to the oral surgeon landed me on antibiotics that apparently negated the effects of my birth control. Yes! That happens. I did not find out I was pregnant until I was around 11 weeks along and almost out of the first trimester. You can imagine my shock as I wasn’t ‘planning’ but trying to ‘prevent’ a pregnancy. My shock and sadness quickly turned to acceptance when we both realized that we were indeed pregnant and ready to introduce a bundle of joy into the world. Even though I was not planning a pregnancy, I guess in a way I was grateful that it was something I did not have to worry or stress about anymore.

The rest of my pregnancy was fairly uneventful. I had no morning sickness and I felt relatively good compared to what I had heard from other women. I did however eat like a 200-pound football player and I gained so much weight that by the end I resembled “Jabba the Hutt” by the third trimester. I exercised hard EVERY single day of my pregnancy, but despite this the weight piled onto my body. This was years before my plant based eating habits, so It could have been my daily trips to In-N-Out Burger! DUH!

The birth unfortunately was not the dramatic soap opera scene I had concocted in my head. Instead, it was very anti-climatic. It was at my 41-week check up that my doctor announced I was borderline “Toxemic” and sent me straight to the hospital for induction. After 24 hours into the induction, labor was not progressing. I was informed that the baby was in distress and a cesarean section was necessary. Though disappointed I could not deliver the baby the “old fashioned way” I understood it was in the best interest of the baby and myself. So I was grateful that my baby eventually was brought into the world healthy and safe.

After childbirth my body looked like something out of a sci-fi horror film (which no one tells you about) but I persevered as women do and with time and dedication I began to take the shape of my former self once again. I learned that even though things change with our bodies, it’s important to keep fighting for our health and strength. I have learned to “embrace” the imperfections that do not live up to ones expectations. Gratitude is a mindset and a way to reflect on the best things in your life.

Continue to be grateful and love not just the babies you created, your family and friends but love YOURSELF. Even though I joke that I looked like “Jabba the Hutt”, I was grateful that I got to have the experience even though my body was unrecognizable. Passing on gratitude is something you role model. You show your child(ren) it’s important to be grateful for everything in life. Being strong and healthy is just two of the many things to be grateful for. Exercise and proper eating habits prove “gratitude” as you are willing to be your best “self” for you and for them.

I feel like Jabba the Hutt




Candy Kid Halloween Love



“I just ate a shoebox full of Halloween candy just so my kids wouldn’t”.  In other words, welcome to the Holiday season! I hear this excuse from many moms, imagine the disappointment when I explain that Halloween chocolate and red wine does not constitute a balanced diet. This time of year is particularly stressful for moms as we are in the midst of planning Thanksgiving and the Holiday season is virtually upon us. Mom survival mode is now in effect. The treadmill you spent many waking hours on last summer is getting buried in clothes. Getting to the gym seems almost impossible because of the laundry list of things you have to accomplish. New Years resolution time is around the corner, but don’t put off your health until 2018. Small actions now will help you stay healthy through the holidays.


Here’s 5 tips on crushing the holiday pounds BEFORE they happen.


  1. Quality not Quantity

Moms do not have any time to waste! Don’t think you have to workout every day of the week to be successful. Also, try and get out of your head that if you are having trouble fitting in exercise than you should throw in the towel until January and visa versa. Three to Four days of “Quality” no waste 30-minute exercise sessions that combine your cardio, strength and flexibility in one swoop is better than nothing.


  1. Shake it up

Consider a meal replacement protein shake to get you through the day. I know most of these protein powders taste chalky but I have some recipes that “spice” them up! My favorite healthy holiday themed shakes are listed below. I use these meal replacements usually mid afternoon between lunch and dinner to avoid the afternoon crash. The great thing is you can make this in the morning, put it in a reusable shaker bottle, keep it cool and drink on the go.


  1. Party eating 101

Don’t go into any holiday gathering like a toddler who hasn’t eaten all day. Eat a healthy meal prior to going if you know the party will have crap food. Or if it’s a potluck, my rule is always B.Y.O.H.F. “Bring your own healthy food”. At least this way you know you have something to eat. I will always taste the naughty food, but don’t make it your entire evenings meal.


  1. Liquid diets don’t work

No I am not taking about healthy juicing or protein shakes, I am talking about wine, pumpkin lattes and festive adult beverages. Have I lost you? Seriously, this is important, lets try not to drink every day from October 31st to January 1st. Limit alcohol consumption; try to inundate your system with water before, during and after a function. This will help you from consuming too many empty calories and unhealthy sugars. This tip will also keep you hydrated and feeling good the next morning!


       5.  Sleep for success

Moms need sleep to actually function and feel good? What a concept! Healthy sleeping habits are vital in helping your body and mind recover each day. Create a habit of going to bed early and sleeping between 7-9 hours every night. Reduce caffeine (which is sometimes full of unnecessary calories-see above) and do your best to get those z’s. Insert eye roll right here especially if you are a new mom. I will write about the affects of caffeine on the body and why I am not a fan at a later date. If you are not sleeping through the night yet and you need caffeine to function the next day, believe me I will not stand in your way, so head to Starbucks.


Most moms I know bust their butts during the holiday season trying to enrich everyone else’s holiday experience. Take time to take care of YOU during the holidays. Do not put off your health and wellness. Consistent exercise and proper nutrition will give you more sustainable energy, less stress, and more confidence so you don’t go “postal” on your family. Hopefully you will slow down and “enjoy” the season. If all of this does not motivate you, think about how good you will look in that tight black dress at a holiday function because you listened to ME! Isn’t that what it’s all about in the end? #winning!


Danielle’s fancy holiday shake recipes


Chocolate peanut butter mint shake:

1 cup cold almond milk

2 scoops Orgain chocolate plant based protein powder(Costco)

½ frozen banana

1 tablespoon natural peanut butter or almond butter

4 springs fresh mint

*Blend until creamy


Pumpkin spice protein shake:

1 cup cold almond milk

1 scoop organic Vanilla flavor Vega plant based protein powder(Costco)

¼ cup organic cooked pumpkin

1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

1 teaspoon Agave Nectar

*Blend until creamy

Bionic Mommy Halloween Workout Party

I love the holidays and any excuse to have a party and celebrate! This year, I threw a fun Halloween event at Bionic Mommy. I invited moms to come with their little ones dressed up in costumes.  Check out the Mommy Baby Gallery for fun photos of the event.   I of course took the opportunity to dress up in my Cinderella costume; this was my first time trying to squat in a ball gown which was challenging to say the least.  Watching the moms and babies in their costumes was tons of fun for everyone.  

Bionic Mommy Halloween Workout Party

The babies really hammed it up to the camera.  It makes exercise so much fun when you are entertained by your baby dressed up like an elephant.  Such a variety of cute costumes.  Thanks to all who came and shared the event with me. 

We began our day with a TRX circuit formatted class to some popular Halloween-themed music. The class included a variety of functional and corrective exercises utilizing the TRX suspension straps and the Pelvicore balls.  Making a fun holiday themed exercise class is a great way for moms to stay motivated and enjoy the occasion while getting a sense of accomplishment through exercise.

Bionic Mommy Halloween Workout Party

The second part of our event included time for babies to socialize and the moms to enjoy a healthy snack and learn about some healthy products for themselves and their babies.  Although Halloween is centered on candy, I like sharing tips of fun, festive, yet healthy options for Holiday themed snacks. It’s good to keep in mind that even though holidays are synonymous with bad food, you can still make good food choices and include creative healthy ideas into your own holiday festivities.  I chose to feature a simple, yet tasty healthy snack for this event. This time of year persimmons are so delicious, so I served them sliced with Sunflower seed butter as a dip.  Sunflower seed butter is a great alternative for those with nut allergies. In addition to the snacks I provided, I want to say thank you to Happy Family Organics for sending their rep Michelle to talk about and distribute samples of baby, toddler and prenatal snacks. We also had some great samples from Goddess Lactation bars and  Bambo Nature USA  for providing goodie bags with baby skin care.

Bionic Mommy Halloween Workout Party

Stay tuned for future events and articles focused on exercise and nutrition tips on staying healthy during the holidays.


Danielle Spangler (Bionic Mommy) Cinderella



Bionic Mommy Halloween Workout Party


Danielle Spangler Bionic Mommy Coremom

Danielle’s Website is live!  How exciting is that? 

Welcome to my pretty, fresh, new website for my Prenatal and Postnatal fitness blog! I am so happy you are visiting my site.  Fitness for moms has been a labor of love (no pun intended) and a journey as a mother and pre-and postnatal fitness specialist. I am thrilled to see my business evolve and expand over the years.

Long before I became a mother, I accidentally “fell” into this specialized area of fitness due to my natural curiosity about the lack of information available regarding pregnancy and exercise. It was during a graduate level special populations exercise physiology course in 1995 that I discovered there was little research in the field of fitness supporting women’s health, specifically during pregnancy and after. Sadly even years later, there is still a lack of “real” research and information in this area.  It became my obsession and my passion to deliver the best exercise practices before, during and after pregnancy that help women achieve the benefits of optimal health.  My ultimate goal is to help mothers feel good inside and out.

While pregnant and especially after giving birth to three children, I recognized even more the importance of regular, appropriate exercise and healthy eating practices for facilitating my recoveries. I realized that without a healthy, strong mamma, the family balance was not sustainable.  I am grateful for my journey to help pregnant women and mothers regain their strength and vitality and my goal is to help all women find balance and sustainability with their fitness choices. As my business has grown I am able to offer more services through technology to expand my audience and bring my knowledge and passion to more women outside of my immediate community.

Last year I took my life’s work and research and licensed my exercise program called “Coremom”in the hopes that other corporate entities, gyms and fitness studios will also recognize the lack of good exercise programs for this specific population and help serve these women. Again, my hope is to bring this type of programing to the broader community. Please take your time, browse the site and forward this information on to family and friends who might benefit from my services. If you are not local to Los Angeles or specifically the town where my studio is located (Hermosa Beach), please know that I am now offering Skype private training and soon skype exercise classes to help women from all over reach their fitness goals through my knowledge and exercise programming. More videos, blogs and eventually ebooks will be coming soon so stay tuned and subscribe for weekly updates.


Thanks Ya’ll

Danielle Spangler (Bionic Mommy)