Lunch with Kim Lyons

Bionic Mommy and Bionic Body
Danielle Spangler and Kim Lyons

I recently sat down with Kim Lyons the owner and creator of the Bionic Body program. Kim is also a former IFBB Fitness competitor and trainer on NBC’s hit show “The Biggest Loser”. She is a published author, fitness motivator, well-known celebrity trainer and mother to a 7-year old son. I had the fortune of meeting Kim in April of 2015 and told her about my experience working with pregnant and new mothers.  I explained what would become the ‘Coremom‘ fitness program that I had created specifically for moms. Kim loved the concept and recognized a lack of exercise programming for pregnant clients and new mothers especially in the Beach Cities area of Los Angeles. We decided to introduce “Bionic Mommy” as a program geared towards new mothers and pregnant women to the Bionic Body family in June 2015. I wanted to find out about  Kim’s pregnancy workout routine and what worked for her and also to see how the Coremom program has affected the Bionic Body brand since including it into her gym.


Q: How did your exercise routine change once you became pregnant?

Kim: I’ve been exercising and studying as a trainer for over 18 years so I was very comfortable working out when I was pregnant and postnatal. I had to modify so many exercises when I was pregnant and give myself time to return to many exercises after childbirth. I did most of my core work standing up and had to listen to my body closely so I didn’t over do it. I felt so blessed to have the knowledge and understanding on how to modify the exercises that needed a simple change and knowing what exercises needed to be avoided.


Q: When you were pregnant what kind of workouts did you do?

Kim: I did a lot of resistance training when I was pregnant and continued all my normal activity, although it was much slower. I was extremely tired the first trimester, but felt great the last two.


Q: Did you find there was a lack of exercise programs that were simultaneously challenging and safe for you?

Kim: I would have loved a group class that was something other than prenatal yoga or just walking with a stroller group postnatal, but really didn’t find anything at all. There are so many trainers that are “pre and postnatal” certified, but very few truly specialize in that area. It’s so important to have a program built for the special circumstances that can arise when you are pregnant or recovering from childbirth.


Q: As a new mother, did you find challenges with finding time to exercise, even though it is a big part of your life?

Kim: I really expected everything for me to be “easy” post child-birth. It wasn’t! I couldn’t believe how week my pelvic core was and it really took time, knowledge and research to repair it. I had pretty bad diastasis and I had to learn how to work to improve that and not make it worse. Taking the time to do that was a bit frustrating and it was hard to be patient with myself! I was blessed with a baby that slept really well from day one so I was able to maintain my nighttime sleep schedule. I had really good energy and when he napped I worked out or had him in the stroller and I was on the go, up and down hills. The key is to get them on your routine and not for the to rule your routine!


Q: How did you decide to incorporate Coremom “Bionic Mommy” into the Bionic Body family?

Kim: When I met Danielle, it was a no brainer! Her passion and knowledge for training pre and postnatal women was one in a million. Pre and postnatal fitness is critical for your and your babies health, yet there are so few good programs for mommies and mommies to be. I love everything about the Bionic Mommy program, it’s one in a million!


Q: Since the inclusion of Bionic Mommy, have you seen an increase in membership at your gym?

Kim: It’s been amazing to see all the new moms in the gym. It’s also amazing to watch our clients that didn’t have kids transition into the Bionic Mommy program as they go through their pregnancy. Most people have to quit the gym and come back when their babies and 6 months old or get a sitter. At Bionic Body, we are there for the entire transition.


Q: How has Bionic Mommy helped the Bionic Body Brand?

Kim: Pre and postnatal fitness is something you don’t see in every gym. When I built Bionic Body, my vision was to embrace all disciplines of fitness including everything from circuit training to yoga, barre and pilates. Adding Bionic Mommy really completes the full spectrum, we truly offer everything for all ages and levels of fitness.


Q: What kind of benefits can pregnant women and mothers expect to see from joining the Bionic Mommy classes?

Kim: When you come to the Bionic Mommy Classes, you know you and your baby are in good hands. It’s important to understand what is going on with your body and to have peace of mind that you are doing what’s best for you and your baby. At Bionic Body, you don’t just go through the movements, you learn while you have fun and connect with other moms.


Q: What are some things you would like to tell potential members about the Bionic Mommy program that will encourage them to try it?

Kim: Being pregnant is an emotional rollercoaster! It’s can be scary and exciting at the same time. At Bionic Body, you’ll be surrounded by other moms just like you. Moms that won’t give you stink eye if your little one is fussy or if you need to step out to feed your baby. It’s pretty much the only place that everyone in the room can has “been there” on your bad days and can lend a helping hand!

Kim: As a new mom, you spend an incredible amount of time taking care of your little one, and truthfully, you are the most important one to take care of. It all comes back to putting your “oxygen mask on first”-not because you are selfish, but because it’s critical for you to be in your best health for your family.


Thanks Kim, Cheers! 

For a complete schedule of Bionic Body and Bionic Mommy classes please visit



Danielle Spangler and Kim Lyons

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