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Danielle’s Website is live!  How exciting is that? 

Welcome to my pretty, fresh, new website for my Prenatal and Postnatal fitness blog! I am so happy you are visiting my site.  Fitness for moms has been a labor of love (no pun intended) and a journey as a mother and pre-and postnatal fitness specialist. I am thrilled to see my business evolve and expand over the years.

Long before I became a mother, I accidentally “fell” into this specialized area of fitness due to my natural curiosity about the lack of information available regarding pregnancy and exercise. It was during a graduate level special populations exercise physiology course in 1995 that I discovered there was little research in the field of fitness supporting women’s health, specifically during pregnancy and after. Sadly even years later, there is still a lack of “real” research and information in this area.  It became my obsession and my passion to deliver the best exercise practices before, during and after pregnancy that help women achieve the benefits of optimal health.  My ultimate goal is to help mothers feel good inside and out.

While pregnant and especially after giving birth to three children, I recognized even more the importance of regular, appropriate exercise and healthy eating practices for facilitating my recoveries. I realized that without a healthy, strong mamma, the family balance was not sustainable.  I am grateful for my journey to help pregnant women and mothers regain their strength and vitality and my goal is to help all women find balance and sustainability with their fitness choices. As my business has grown I am able to offer more services through technology to expand my audience and bring my knowledge and passion to more women outside of my immediate community.

Last year I took my life’s work and research and licensed my exercise program called “Coremom”in the hopes that other corporate entities, gyms and fitness studios will also recognize the lack of good exercise programs for this specific population and help serve these women. Again, my hope is to bring this type of programing to the broader community. Please take your time, browse the site and forward this information on to family and friends who might benefit from my services. If you are not local to Los Angeles or specifically the town where my studio is located (Hermosa Beach), please know that I am now offering Skype private training and soon skype exercise classes to help women from all over reach their fitness goals through my knowledge and exercise programming. More videos, blogs and eventually ebooks will be coming soon so stay tuned and subscribe for weekly updates.


Thanks Ya’ll

Danielle Spangler (Bionic Mommy)

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