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“I just ate a shoebox full of Halloween candy just so my kids wouldn’t”.  In other words, welcome to the Holiday season! I hear this excuse from many moms, imagine the disappointment when I explain that Halloween chocolate and red wine does not constitute a balanced diet. This time of year is particularly stressful for moms as we are in the midst of planning Thanksgiving and the Holiday season is virtually upon us. Mom survival mode is now in effect. The treadmill you spent many waking hours on last summer is getting buried in clothes. Getting to the gym seems almost impossible because of the laundry list of things you have to accomplish. New Years resolution time is around the corner, but don’t put off your health until 2018. Small actions now will help you stay healthy through the holidays.


Here’s 5 tips on crushing the holiday pounds BEFORE they happen.


  1. Quality not Quantity

Moms do not have any time to waste! Don’t think you have to workout every day of the week to be successful. Also, try and get out of your head that if you are having trouble fitting in exercise than you should throw in the towel until January and visa versa. Three to Four days of “Quality” no waste 30-minute exercise sessions that combine your cardio, strength and flexibility in one swoop is better than nothing.


  1. Shake it up

Consider a meal replacement protein shake to get you through the day. I know most of these protein powders taste chalky but I have some recipes that “spice” them up! My favorite healthy holiday themed shakes are listed below. I use these meal replacements usually mid afternoon between lunch and dinner to avoid the afternoon crash. The great thing is you can make this in the morning, put it in a reusable shaker bottle, keep it cool and drink on the go.


  1. Party eating 101

Don’t go into any holiday gathering like a toddler who hasn’t eaten all day. Eat a healthy meal prior to going if you know the party will have crap food. Or if it’s a potluck, my rule is always B.Y.O.H.F. “Bring your own healthy food”. At least this way you know you have something to eat. I will always taste the naughty food, but don’t make it your entire evenings meal.


  1. Liquid diets don’t work

No I am not taking about healthy juicing or protein shakes, I am talking about wine, pumpkin lattes and festive adult beverages. Have I lost you? Seriously, this is important, lets try not to drink every day from October 31st to January 1st. Limit alcohol consumption; try to inundate your system with water before, during and after a function. This will help you from consuming too many empty calories and unhealthy sugars. This tip will also keep you hydrated and feeling good the next morning!


       5.  Sleep for success

Moms need sleep to actually function and feel good? What a concept! Healthy sleeping habits are vital in helping your body and mind recover each day. Create a habit of going to bed early and sleeping between 7-9 hours every night. Reduce caffeine (which is sometimes full of unnecessary calories-see above) and do your best to get those z’s. Insert eye roll right here especially if you are a new mom. I will write about the affects of caffeine on the body and why I am not a fan at a later date. If you are not sleeping through the night yet and you need caffeine to function the next day, believe me I will not stand in your way, so head to Starbucks.


Most moms I know bust their butts during the holiday season trying to enrich everyone else’s holiday experience. Take time to take care of YOU during the holidays. Do not put off your health and wellness. Consistent exercise and proper nutrition will give you more sustainable energy, less stress, and more confidence so you don’t go “postal” on your family. Hopefully you will slow down and “enjoy” the season. If all of this does not motivate you, think about how good you will look in that tight black dress at a holiday function because you listened to ME! Isn’t that what it’s all about in the end? #winning!


Danielle’s fancy holiday shake recipes


Chocolate peanut butter mint shake:

1 cup cold almond milk

2 scoops Orgain chocolate plant based protein powder(Costco)

½ frozen banana

1 tablespoon natural peanut butter or almond butter

4 springs fresh mint

*Blend until creamy


Pumpkin spice protein shake:

1 cup cold almond milk

1 scoop organic Vanilla flavor Vega plant based protein powder(Costco)

¼ cup organic cooked pumpkin

1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

1 teaspoon Agave Nectar

*Blend until creamy

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