Be Healthy for your Baby with help from our Pre and Post Natal Fitness specialists.

Safe and effective exercise programming for new moms and expectant mothers.  With a new baby either on the way or already in your life,  you need to be healthy for your child.  Women who are physically active during and after pregnancy, have less pregnancy induced symptoms, easier deliveries and faster recoveries.  Our team is trained specifically to cater to Pre and Post Natal clientele.  Coremom Pre and Post natal fitness programs are custom  designed for you.  Every pregnancy is different, and the fitness regime you follow should be special to your needs. Coremom is a fitness program aimed to make your pregnancy delivery and recovery better.

pre & Post natal private training

Private training either in studio or in your home.   Private training is the best way to achieve your goals.  Customized service that includes meal planning, manual stretching and one on one support direct from your trainer.

small group classes

Choose from four different class formats.  Workout with other women in a small intimate, supportive environment.  Visit our studio and join one of our mom groups.  Make new friends and get a great workout.  These classes allow women to connect with other mothers and bond with their babies while exercising.  Classes available for pregnancy and beyond.

Phone consultation and Virtual online consultation

If you do not have time to get to the studio but want to workout at home?  We are available to custom create an exercise program specifically for your needs.  We consult via phone, Skype or in your home.  Whatever your needs are we can find the best solution for you.

online Private  training and Group Training

We offer online one-on-one training via Skype.  Workout at home, in private,  with a specialized Pre & Post Natal Trainer.

**Coming Soon**  Workout with a group online via  Skype classes.  You will be able to get a group of friends or join an existing online group and workout together without leaving your home.