Danielle Spangler – Mother of three beautiful children

Owner of Coremom Fitness LLC and Beach Life Fitness Boutique LLC

Danielle Spangler, a pre and postnatal fitness specialist, has been in the fitness industry privately training clients, teaching group exercise classes and mentoring other fitness professionals through continuing education for over twenty years. Danielle has her B.S in Kinesiology and received credits towards her Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis in pre & postnatal fitness from the University of North Texas. Danielle was a master trainer in the area of fitness at numerous renowned fitness centers, hospitals & corporate wellness centers including the Sports Club/LA. Danielle holds several national trainer certifications since 1992. Among them are the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American College of Sports Medicine, AFAA and Cooper Aerobics Institute of Dallas. Danielle is also a consultant on pre & postnatal exercise and has written several articles for Fit Pregnancy Magazine. The National Academy of Sports Medicine recruited Danielle in 2002 to co-write a prenatal continuing Education course for other fitness professionals’ worldwide. Since the birth of Danielle’s first child in 2002, Danielle has worked for the cities of Hermosa & Manhattan Beach, Beach Cities Health District and AdventurePlex in developing exercise classes for expectant and new mothers. As a mother of three, Danielle understands the physical challenges women may face during pregnancy, childbirth and recovery on both a professional and personal level. Danielle uses her Coremom program at Beach Life Fitness Boutique, where she hosts a variety of small group classes and individual training offered to expectant mothers, new mothers and mothers that want to address issues specific to physical side effects that may develop after pregnancy, childbirth and nursing.

For pre and post natal fitness, “we offer personalized training sessions, group workout classes, and Do-It-Yourself access to top of the line fitness equipment. Our goal is to help you achieve the healthy physique that is best suited to your personal goals and lifestyle. We offer a dedicated, professional, and friendly environment that is designed to support your every need.”

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Danielle Spangler Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist


Pre Natal Fitness Instruction

Pre and Post Natal Fitness and the Dedication to Overall Wellbeing

Coremom classes include a variety of fitness formats, from TRX, Barre, Resistance training, corrective exercise and the use of Pelvicore Balls to strengthen the pelvic floor and core.  We are dedicated to making expectant and new mothers stronger.

Post Natal Fitness Group Classes

Personal Training

Do you need help staying motivated and reaching your fitness goals? Check out our personal training services. We will design a customized program to help you on your fitness journey.

Private Training Coremom Pre and Post Natal Fitness

Helping Moms Focus on Health

Our services are designed to help our moms and moms to be focus on health. Whether you are worried about weight management or simply want to learn more about the effects of a healthy diet and fitness regime during and after pregnancy, we can help you to achieve a balanced lifestyle for you and your family.